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The Complete Makeup Course

Our all-inclusive program gives you access to every single lesson in The Online Makeup School. You will learn how to flawlessly apply every element of your makeup from start to finish.


The Perfect Base

Learn how to create flawless looking skin with our complete guide to the perfect base. Get instant access to over 50 video lessons and learn techniques in seamless foundation application, modern contouring & highlighting, colour correction and more, all from the comfort of your home.


Techniques for Eyes, Lips & Brows

Get access to all of our eye, lip and brow modules in this fun and in-depth course. With eyeshadow demos, eyeliner workshops, brow tutorials, lash lessons and more, you will learn how to create flattering makeup looks for your individual face.


Colour Theory in Makeup

Learn how to identify your own undertone and colouring, discover what colours actually suit you, and how to create flattering colour palettes that will enhance your eye, skin and hair colour. You'll also get access to our Concealing & Colour Correction lessons, where you'll learn how to use colour theory to effortlessly camouflage unwanted pigmentation and blemishes on your skin.