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Don’t know your cupid’s bow from your cut crease? Or your stippling brush from your spoolie? If you’ve recently started trying your hand at makeup, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. But don’t be! We’re taking it back to the basics to give you 5 quick and easy tips straight from our professional makeup lessons that you can master, no matter your skill level. 

5 simple tips for makeup beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to finally learn how to expertly apply concealer or fill in your brows, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our 5 simple tips for beginners that you’ll be able to master (and have your friends thinking you’re a makeup pro!)

1.Get the right tools

We cannot stress this enough: you are only as good as your brushes. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy every brush that’s available on the market, but the right tools can make all the difference to your application, regardless of your skills. For the purpose of these lessons, we recommend buying these basic brushes: 

  • Concealer brush

  • Spoolie brush

  • Blending brush

  • Lip brush

2.How to fill in your eyebrows

Using a pencil one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow colour, draw a thin line across the bottom of your brow, following your brow’s natural shape. Start at the inner corner and work your way to the tail-end of your eyebrow. Then, shade in the rest of the brow lightly. Finally, use a spoolie brush to blend the shading into your eyebrows (as well as the initial line you drew.) The trick is to brush your eyebrows up and over, starting from the inner corner and moving all the way to the tail of your brow.

3.How to apply eyeliner correctly

If you have always applied your eyeliner all the way across your lash line in one (shaky) motion, this next tip will change your life: get a black eyeliner pencil and start at the inner corner of your lid and drag to the centre of your lid. Then, take the pencil to the outside corner and draw until you meet the existing liner.

4.How to get plump lips (without injections)

Apply foundation to your entire lip (bear with us) and then line the natural shape of your lips with a lip liner. Then, apply lipstick in the same colour to your lips using a lip brush, starting from your cupid’s bow to the outer corner of your lips. Then, from the outer corners to the centre of your lower lip. Finally, apply a dab of clear lip gloss to the top part of your cupid’s bow. Voila: a fuller pout!

5.How to conceal those dark under-eye circles

Grab a concealer brush and draw the outline of two sides of an inverted triangle directly beneath your eyes with your concealer. Don’t fill in the middle! Then, with a dampened sponge, blend the concealer inwards until the triangle is no more. Then, lightly set your concealer with a dusting of translucent powder.

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Sharon Farrell