Our Tutors

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Sharon Farrell

Founder of The Online Makeup School, Sharon has over 12 years of experience as a makeup artist and another 7 sharing educational content about makeup and beauty through her YouTube channel and Blog, 'Sharon The Makeup Artist'. Sharon's believes anyone can be great at applying their own makeup, it just takes practice, patience and an understanding of why some things look good and some things don't. 


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Rachael Brooke 

One of Australia’s leading makeup artists, Rachael Brook has over a decade of experience working with Australia’s highest-profile celebrities, supermodels, lifestyle magazines and fashion and beauty brands. Trained under makeup icon, Rae Morris, Rachael is one of Australia's most in-demand artists with a speciality in beautiful glowing skin. 


Michelle Wong

Michelle is a science educator and skincare writer with a PhD in chemistry, based in Sydney, Australia. Michelle started her blog,  Lab Muffin Beauty Science because she was frustrated that the beauty blogosphere didn’t have enough easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind beauty products. Michelle firmly believes that anyone can understand the science behind skincare and beauty and has developed a unique way of making the most complicated science, easy to understand.