How Can I Learn Makeup Online?

You can learn how to do just about anything online these days, from how to service your car to how to become a beekeeper, so of course, it’s totally possible to learn makeup online with an online makeup course.

If you want to know how to become a professional makeup artist, enrolling in an online makeup course could be a great option, especially given the Covid situation of today.

Reasons To Learn Makeup Online

1 - You live far away from a beauty school or college.
This is probably the most common reason for learning makeup online as not everybody is fortunate enough to live in a large city with easy access to a beauty school. It’s also not possible for most people to travel or temporarily move closer as costs can quickly spiral out of control. For this reason, it can be a great idea to learn makeup online as you can do it from the comfort of home with just your phone or laptop and an internet connection.

2 - You can’t afford a private college.
Enrolling in a private college or school can be incredibly expensive, with some courses costing upwards of $20,000 here in Australia. When you study makeup online, you not only save a small fortune, but you can choose a course that is specific to what you want to learn.

3 - You need flexibility with time.
Maybe you already work full time or are juggling childcare responsibilities and just aren't in the position to study full time. An online makeup course is totally flexible and easy to work around your other commitments so this is another reason why so many people are choosing this as their preferred mode of study.

How Can I Study Makeup Online?

First, you need to research learning institutions and decide which one is best for you. It can be quite overwhelming but make sure the total cost of the course is within your budget, they're actually teaching you what you need to know, and that the school is reputable and trustworthy.

Some ways you can find out if a school is of high quality is by checking online reviews on third-party review sites such as Trustpilot - these are totally independent so you know that all the reviews are genuine.

You can also check if the school is associated with any kind of independent body that assesses learning institutions to ensure they are of a high standard, such as IARC or the MAGAP.

Check that the professional makeup course on offer teaches you the skills you’ll actually need to know to work in the industry. You can do this by taking a look at the course curriculum and making sure that all aspects of the industry are covered, like hygiene & safety, application skills for private clients and studio environments and professional etiquette.

Business Skills

It’s so important to find a course that includes business skills and marketing as once you’re a pro makeup artist you become a business person with your own little company to run, so it’s vital to your own success that you learn techniques to grow and sustain your career. It’s no good being a talented artist if you can’t find any work!

What Do I Need To Study Makeup Online?

In most cases, you will need a device to access the course like a laptop or tablet - some providers have even optimised their courses for learning on your phone!

You’ll also need an internet connection and possibly a printer to download and print additional resources like face charts and client consultation charts.

You will probably want to have at least a small collection of makeup so that you can start practising your newly learned makeup skills. Some online makeup schools will also provide their students with a kit, but just be careful with these as they are often not of the highest quality.

An amazing makeup kit is a huge asset to a pro makeup artist, and it takes a long time to build one up with products that you love. Don’t worry if you don’t have lots of makeup to start with though as most schools understand you are just starting out!

Depending on the course, you might need to have a camera so that you can take pictures of your work and submit them for assessment. These days most phones have great quality cameras though so you can just use that. It can be a great idea to brush up on your photography skills with some free tutorials on YouTube.

Again, depending on the course, you might also need to have access to models so that you can apply makeup on a variety of faces for the assessments. The models don’t have to be professionals and can just be your friends or family.

How Can I Do An Online Makeup Course?

These days, it’s so easy to do an online makeup course. All good courses are video-based and contain HD video tutorials that demonstrate makeup application from pro artists up-close and in great detail; it’s honestly better than in-person demonstrations! Plus you can rewind and watch any part of the tutorial over and over until you’ve absorbed the information.

Online makeup courses usually also have written material that you can download onto your computer and read through in your own time. This works especially well for things like colour theory and face shapes as you can look at lots of different examples and read over more complex information in your own time.

You might also get tutor support, where you can live chat or email with a tutor to go through any questions you have and they provide support and advice.

There could also be a student support group in the form of a private Facebook group where you can chat with and get to know the other students.

All in all, there’s never been a better time to learn makeup online, with super high-quality video lessons, easy ways to communicate with your tutors online, and the fact the online learning is generally more accepted as the norm these days.

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