5 Easy Tips On How To Do Make-up For School.

Your school uniform might be boring, but your makeup doesn’t have to be! While you may not have the creative freedom to wear whatever you like, you can still look amazing when you walk through your school gates with flawless makeup.

At The Online Makeup School, we know that you not only want to do your best at school, but you want to look your best. So, we’ve come up with five quick and easy tips straight from our professional makeup course that you can add to your morning beauty routine. 

Back to school makeup routine: our 5 simple tips

Our school makeup tips are suitable for all levels – from beginners experimenting with cosmetics for the first time through to those of us already putting makeup on our friends’ faces. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate a weekday sleep in. Each school makeup tip can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes every morning, so if you do press that alarm button two (or three!) times, you’ll still be able to squeeze in these simple tips. 

Wash your face, apply your foundation, and add these tips in your morning beauty routine tomorrow before school:

  1. For brighter eyes: Staying up late and studying (or watching Netflix? Don’t worry – we won’t tell) can give you under-eye bags bigger than a Year 7 student with home economics and P.E. on the same day. Banish dark circles under your eyes with concealer. However, instead of just doing little horizontal streaks right under your eyes, make triangles and blend. Make sure to put some pressed powder on after your concealer to set the product and ensure you’re not shiny.

  2. For cheerful cheeks: Knowing you have an upcoming exam is enough to have the colour drain from your face. Bring back rosy cheeks with a bit of rosy or peachy blush. Simply dust the blush lightly from your ear down to your cheekbone towards your mouth using a soft angled brush. The key is to apply blush lightly.

  3. For luscious lips: Chances are, your school is probably against crimson red or bright pink lipstick. But you can still colour your lips with a touch of nude gloss. Simply apply a dab or two to your lips and then spread it around with your fingertip. Keep it in place by using a lip liner that’s a shade darker than your gloss, being careful to draw around the natural shape of your lips.

  4. For bold brows: If your eyebrows have a mind of their own, brush them gently with a spoolie brush to set them into place. Your strokes should be upwards and out. Then, apply your brow pencil (or angled brush dipped in brow powder) using small, flicking motions in the direction of your natural eyebrow hair.

  5. For your whole face: Invest in a great setting spray and spritz on your face before heading out the door. After all, you want your makeup to last all the way up to sixth period.

Want more professional makeup tips for school, work or parties? Sign up to our in-depth makeup courses that teach you how to apply makeup from start to finish, all from the comfort of your own home. From makeup techniques for eyes, lips & brows through to choosing and creating the perfect base, an Instagrammable face is just a click away. Sign up today!


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